The New Pope of the Catholic Church and Rivalry Between Countries

I suppose congratulations are in order for Pope Francis, he has after all just achieved perhaps the world’s most desired of all promotions, he is now the Pope.  Not being a Catholic myself I struggle to get excited about the prospect of a new nutter in charge of one of the world’s most worryingly out-of-date and influential organisations.  More bigoted, old fashioned and dangerous lessons to be forced upon people who know no better I’m sure.  He’s already gained a reputation for being fiercely against abortion regardless of situation, and we can only assume that contraception falls under this.  Yay, more diseases and unwanted children for everyone!

One thing that has startled me in the news though; the rivalry between countries.  Brazil in particular seemed most put out that Argentina won this match, sorry; election according to the BBC.  People have actually compared this to football though in a none-sarcastic manner, claiming disappointment and some people have gone as far to say that atheism will actually rise in Brazil because of this.  Although I struggle to see that as a negative point, it makes me wonder if someone can truly think of themselves as a Catholic if something like this is enough of a reason to waiver their beliefs.  Talk about glory supporting.

I’d love to hear from people all over the world from all religions and their thoughts on this, if you have any at all.


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