The Price of Beer

Here in the UK we have a certain culture stigma surrounding us, we like our beer and we like to drink a lot of it.  We’ve probably earned this title fairly enough, go to any town on a Friday and Saturday night and you will see streets full of people likely to wake up regretting whatever you’re watching them doing right there and then.  People get hurt, people drink so much they damage their bodies and all sorts of other nasty things occur due to alcohol, but you know what, we Brits work hard (well, some of us do) so why shouldn’t we be allowed to play hard?

I can understand Mr Cameron wanting to slow some of binge drinking down, it probably causes the NHS a fair amount of work and he wants to cut that down too, so it sort of makes sense.  But slapping a bigger tax on alcoholic beverages?  Have they not forgotten the disaster that was the insane “pasty tax”?  Next thing David will be appearing on TV with an awkward grin exclaiming “Yes, i drink beer, I love a good pint of *squinting eyes” bit-ter when I get home” actually expecting us to believe his functions resemble that of a human.

What would the tax rise achieve?  Do you actually think that you’d be tempted to have a night in instead of spending a few extra quid each week?

Personally I don’t.  I don’t go out every Friday and Saturday, but it’s still something I do regularly, and the price can range from anything between £20 to £50 depending on seemingly random events, I think my wallet eats money while I’m in a bar.  Driving the price of a pint up isn’t going to make a jot of difference to me, and most of the people who are determined to kill a few brain cells will do it regardless of a few extra pence per pint slapped on.  The brewing industry is a funny beast (I work in it regularly, so I know), some breweries are thriving right now, there are always massive expansion projects going on, and some small ones seem to keep growing too, but why would we want to do anything to risk stunting growth of one of the few thriving industries right now?  Not to mention how much the pub trade has suffered these day, in my local towns the number of none-chain pubs must have halved in the last 5 years.

I see this as nothing more than another money making scheme, which is fine, we’re in a country with serious economic problems and this seems better than borrowing even more, but please for the love of God just be honest with us.

Remember, I’m posting this to try and get people thinking, I appreciate so much that people read my other post and liked/followed it (I’m being genuine here, it actually means a lot that my first post already generated readers) if you disagree tell me why.


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