Point Scoring Parties

I can’t help but notice recently that almost every time we see a politician on TV he has something to criticise his opponents over, and that’s fine, I like that it gets people thinking about whether or not they agree with what’s being said.  However, I feel that they need to actually back this up with some of their own views and intentions, and recently the Labour party have been pretty guilty of not really doing this.

Every time Ed Miliband opens his mouth publicly, he seems to be simply criticising Cameron and Co.  I’m no fan of David Cameron or what he’s currently doing with the country, and I don’t hold anything against Labour, but I can’t remember the last time he actually suggested any new policies or solutions to any problems.

This is a real problem for Labour, Cameron has already gone on to say that this is a fight between the Tories and Labour that they are ready for as well as stating that they have “never been more up for the task of turning our country around”.  I agree on both points.  Labour and the Tories are the main two parties still and it seems almost certain that one of them will be in power after the next election.  I think the country needs Labour back, because they value the lives of the average working family at the highest regard, and that’s who’s been hurt the most by the Tories (as usual).  However, Miliband needs to make it clear why they are the guys for the job and stop sitting on the fence on everything, or his potential voters will be confused where he sits on too many issues.  I also agree that the Tories have never been in better shape to positively turn around the country  however that’s not really a complement, they’ve never shown themselves to be in good shape in the modern world.

I think the Lib Dems have done a decent turn in office and Clegg did enough to deserve the amount of votes he got in the last election, however they’ve shot themselves in the foot more than once this term and I think they will lose a lot of the student votes that got them where they are now.  Which could bring another part into the big time, maybe UKIP, independence seems all the rage right now.


Let me know your thoughts on all this.  Thank you for reading.


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2 responses to “Point Scoring Parties”

  1. Mark says :

    Miliband is squandering such a brilliant opportunity; the government is in a mess but he won’t tell us what he would do. It’s so irritating!

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