St Patrick’s Day Silliness

Happy St Patrick’s Day for yesterday I guess, to any of you who celebrated it for whatever reason in whatever way.  I can understand Irish people celebrating this day, and if you’re Irish and Christian then even more so, but it seems to me that 50% of the population suddenly turns Irish just so they could drink Guinness, which as far as I’m aware is actually still sold and legal all other three hundred and sixty four days of the year and it’s sale does not require any specific nationality.

The celebration of this day baffles me.  Like I said, if you’re Irish and proud of your heritage then great, but if you’re not then why are you wearing that green giant leprechaun outfit and dancing like an idiot?  Its just an excuse to get drunk, isn’t it?  Come on we can all be honest here.  But then this baffles me even more, we need no excuse to get drunk.  The consumption of alcohol on the day is generally tradition because of the end lent, but I have yet to meet a single person in my life who actually takes part in lent.

Call me a grumpy bastard, but isn’t all this silliness a bit, well, silly?  Its become another day that’s meant to stand for a religious landmark (in this case the bringing of Christianity to Ireland) that corporations have cashed in on, selling you more Guinness merchandise that will get thrown away the day after.  I’m not normally one to let people having harmless fun get under my skin, but for some reason this does.  You don’t need an excuse to drink, you do it every other week of the year, you’re not Irish, you don’t need to celebrate the end of lent and if you enjoy a Guinness that much why don’t you have one more often without being told to?


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