The Biteful Game

I’m pretty sure you love my puns.  This week Liverpool superstar striker Luis Suarez was slapped on the wrist for biting someone in the middle of a match with a 10 match ban, which seems to have been received with some controversy.  It doesn’t take a genius to work out that Liverpool fans aren’t going to be too happy about their star player missing the rest of the season and the beginning of the next one.  However, a lot of people are calling racism because of the length of the ban, but to me 10 games seems about fair, he bit someone for crying out loud.

Ok, biting someone and not even drawing blood isn’t the crime of the century, however it is still really a form of assault, he still intended to cause pain through it.  Either that or he’s teething.  The best thing about this is that he’s done it before, and last time he got an 8 match ban, so for re-offending he surely needs more, I mean 8 matches didn’t get the message across that biting it naughty, so we need to give him a slightly longer detention.  We should also make him write lines after school.

Also, is it just me or is biting someone really weird?  The last time i bit someone i was probably less than ten years old, because I didn’t know any better, what is this guy playing at?

I also have to bring up the whole “role model” argument too here.  As much as I think it’s idiotic that people think of footballers as role models these days, when you get payed that much (£6.25 million per year in the case of Suarez) for a job I don’t think its asking too much for the players to realise that many children look up to them and dream of being like them.  They should act like respectable grown-ups when performing in front of thousands of people, it really isn’t hard.


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